big ideas

Planet plastic

“Since 1950, the world has created 6.3 trillion kilograms of plastic waste — and 91 percent has never been recycled even once, according to a landmark 2017 study published in the journal Science Advances.” | learn more

better doing

Improbable things

From Paul Kedrosky: “It’s a big planet and so a lot of weird things that shouldn’t happen, happen all the time. As I like to remind people, on a planet with 7.5 billion people, a billion-to-one longshot potentially happens seven-ish […]

big ideas

Protein from outer space discovered for the first time

Slow down–this does not mean aliens exist. However, it does signal the building blocks of Earth life may have come from space. “Named hemolithin, the new protein contains iron and lithium and may play an important role in seeding life […]

fun facts

Human-sized penguins once waddled the Earth. 

“They found evidence of one in New Zealand, a 60-million-year-old fossil encased in an ultra-hard sedimentary rock. Scientists estimate the bird weighed about 220 lbs (100 kg) and stood just shy of 6 feet (1.77 meters)—pretty hefty for a penguin.” | learn […]

under the microscope

A photon was teleported 500km from Earth to space. 

Einstein derisively called quantum entanglement “spooky action at a distance.” Since his time, the phenomenon has been pretty well documented. Now, researchers in China have achieved entanglement over the longest distance yet, from the Earth all the way to orbit. […]

staying thirsty

Drinking water from the sea. 

Water is essential to our survival, and it covers much of the earth. The only pesky issue is that most of that water is saltwater. Naturally, desalinization is a big deal. Unfortunately it’s still very expensive process, so water scarcity […]