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Marc Lore steps down as Walmart’s head of e-commerce

This began as the most expensive acquihire ($3.3 billion for I’ve ever seen and appears to have ended successfully. He’s leaving them in great shape as a credible competitor online. “Walmart CEO Doug McMillon credited Lore in a companywide […]

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How Amazon wins

The WSJ is still salty at Amazon for using their advantages, as evidenced by the second part of the title: “by steamrolling rivals and partners.” Here’s the summary: “CEO Jeff Bezos still runs the e-commerce giant with the drive of […]

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Running warehouses with tech-company DNA

ShipBob’s business is running warehouses so their e-commerce brand customers don’t have to. They ship a lot of packages with various carriers. This weekly time-in-transit page makes me smile because it’s data that might otherwise be locked away if not […]

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10 eCommerce trends shaping the future of DTC in 2020

There are some interesting concepts noted here, including “LTV Is Everything, LTV Is Nothing: Meet Your Cash Multiplier.” I also am fond of the notice at the top: “This article was written a week prior to the coronavirus pandemic.” | learn more

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Retail and e-tail metrics in post-virus world

There’s a chance of sampling bias here, but the trends are fascinating anyway. Luxury sector conversion rates are up a surprising 35-40% vs benchmark. “[Marketing agency] WITHIN … tracking year-over-year trends in ecommerce revenue, ad spend, and conversion rate relative […]

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You don’t actually own Alibaba stock

You might expect that buying BABA in your brokerage account means you own stock of the Chinese e-commerce giant. But, alas, you don’t. China restricts foreign ownership of its companies. So, instead you own a synthetic security that depends entirely […]

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India gives Amazon and Walmart the finger.

Basically, a new law prohibits foreign internet retailers from selling brands they have an ownership stake in. “Both Amazon and Walmart’s Flipkart have reportedly pulled thousands of items for sale.” | learn more