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The Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drugs Company.

“The business plan is supply chain transparency: buying drugs from wholesalers, packaging them, adding a 15% markup and selling to pharmacies, clinics and health systems. The goal, according to the website, is to produce “low-cost versions of high-cost generic drugs.”” | learn […]

under the microscope

Space travel and senolytics.

Senolytics are the class of drugs that target senescent cells (so-called “zombie cells”). While the basis for using these drugs to delay, prevent or reverse aging is still limited, there’s certainly a lot of excitement in the field. Also, there’s […]

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Higher than the shoulders of giants

Something happened in the early 1970s that led to dozens of unexplained trends. Many blame the US dropping the gold standard. This author blames a different policy that Nixon signed into law. This is a fascinating read. “New drugs lead to scientific […]

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How should we do drugs now?

Michael Pollan suggests we’ll need a cultural framework to guide our nation’s relationship with drugs now that “just say no” is no longer our guiding principle. He points to the many indigenous cultures that have used ritual to keep useful […]