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A 50-year battery that degrades into copper.

“This breakthrough technology has the potential to revolutionize electronics by eliminating the need for chargers or portable power banks. Devices powered by these nuclear batteries could operate continuously without degradation in capacity or lifespan, unlike traditional Li-ion batteries. Imagine drones […]

fun facts

Dubai is using laser drones to shock rainwater out of the sky

“Rather than dispersing particulates as done in traditional cloud seeding, the Emirati Weather Center is using drones to ‘zap’ the air into submission. These drones are designed to target certain clouds and use electrical discharges via concentrated lasers to forcibly […]

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Drones form a scannable QR code in the sky

And to think, I once thought QR codes were going nowhere. “Chinese gaming giant Bilibili used the dazzling display to advertise the one year anniversary of its role playing game Princess Connect! Re: Dive. At the end of the show, the 1,500 drones gathered […]

retail therapy

How robots and drones will change retail forever.

“What if you could store and deliver goods as easily as data? Amazon, Walmart and others are using AI and robotics to transform everything from appliance shopping to grocery delivery. Welcome to the physical cloud.” | learn more

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Shielding soldiers from terrorist drones. 

Drones are a double-edged sword. They have enabled everything from emergency medical deliveries to drone race in abandoned malls. Their dark side can enable terrorist groups like ISIS to attack without exposing their fighters. Startup SkySafe is working on tech […]