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DNA Sequencing is eating the world

The first of a four-part series. “When I think about what is different in the world of genetic technologies, I think about Sequencing, Synthesis, Scale, and Software. … Incredible things are now possible at the intersection of these areas. The […]

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DNA synthesis at scale.

This interview with Emily Leproust, co-founder and CEO of Twist Bioscience, is part personal bio, part founding story, and part glimpse into the future of a bio-based economy. I came away impressed by her as a businessperson and leader! | learn more

under the microscope

Junk DNA may not be “junk” after all.

“The study, led by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, and Washington University in St. Louis, found at least one family of transposons that affected the viability of test mice. They believe the transposon could play a similar role […]

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Twist Biosciences: The DNA API.

“Twist is a DNA factory. They start with inputs – the A, C, T and G chemical letters that make up the base-4 code for life on earth. And they produce outputs – sequences of DNA, called oligonucleotides, whose code […]

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Using DNA to predict intelligence

A short and intriguing research paper. “Thousands of DNA variants have been identified that – aggregated into genome-wide polygenic scores (GPS) – account for more than 10% of the variance in phenotypic intelligence. The intelligence GPS is now one of […]

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The electrical blueprints that orchestrate life

WOW! “DNA isn’t the only builder in the biological world – there’s also a mysterious bioelectric layer directing cells to work together to grow organs, systems and bodies, says biologist Michael Levin. Sharing unforgettable and groundbreaking footage of two-headed worms, […]

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How Amazon wins

The WSJ is still salty at Amazon for using their advantages, as evidenced by the second part of the title: “by steamrolling rivals and partners.” Here’s the summary: “CEO Jeff Bezos still runs the e-commerce giant with the drive of […]