big ideas

AlphaFold reveals the structure of the protein universe.

A year after Google’s DeepMind team released AlphaFold, an AI system that can determine the shape of any protein from its sequence, comes this: “[W]e’re now releasing predicted structures for nearly all catalogued proteins known to science, which will expand […]

under the microscope

Google’s DeepMind opens its protein database to science.

“The new data­base of rough­ly 350,000 pro­tein se­quences and struc­tures rep­re­sents a po­ten­tial­ly mon­u­men­tal achieve­ment for the life sci­ences, one that could has­ten new bi­o­log­i­cal in­sights and the de­vel­op­ment of new drugs. Deep­Mind said it will be free and ac­ces­si­ble […]

under the microscope

AI reads eye scans as well as humans. 

“Doctors at a U.K. eye hospital are getting algorithmic help interpreting the results of 3D eye scans, using a system developed at Google’s DeepMind that can identify more than 50 eye problems and recommend a course of action with human […]