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How magicians can control your decisions

“In magic, choices are rarely what they seem. Magicians know how to manipulate us into a false sense of free will while really holding the puppet strings. Here’s a simple but clever example of a false choice used in magic.” | learn […]

better doing

When safety proves dangerous

Farnam Street discusses risk compensation, like driving faster because we strap on our seat belts. “Understanding how it affects our behavior can help us make the best possible decisions in an uncertain world.” | learn more

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Author: Steven Johnson People have been making decisions of great importance for as long as there have been people. With the help of evolution, some of those decision-making tools have been genetically encoded into our human DNA as biases and heuristics. […]

better doing

Quality of outcome vs quality of decision. 

This short post by Tomasz Tunguz reminds me that the world is probabilistic, and good decisions won’t always lead to good outcomes. Nevertheless, the best way to get good outcomes is a good decision-making process. | learn more