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Reddit launching ERC-20 tokens

Every little bit of adoption helps promote the ecosystem. “The Fortnight and cryptocurrency subreddits have over two million users that will be trialing this new points system. If it proves to be successful, this new feature could make its way […]

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The United States of crypto

From the Coinbase blog… “[W]e outline findings on the growing interest in cryptocurrencies on the part of Americans, on a state-by-state level.” One key finding: “Currently, 58 percent of Americans say they’ve heard of Bitcoin.” | learn more

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Cryptopia in crisis.

Some of my friends in the blockchain space couldn’t help but notice that the media (in this case Forbes) has flipped 180 degrees on its tone for covering crypto since the token price decline started this year. Nevertheless, an interesting […]

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The truth about tulips. 

This article adds context and busts myths about the famed Tulip bubble of the 1600s, then ties it back to Cryptocurrencies. | learn more