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Argentina is a poster child for cryptocurrencies.

There’s a lot here. First: “Argentina has seen an average of 100% annual inflation for the last century.” No surprise the locals are allergic to their currency and convert to foreign currency whenever possible. But capital controls restrict foreign currency, […]

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Full DNS namespace integration to ENS.

I missed this news last year, but I think it’s quite interesting. You can use a .com (or other) domain name as an address in cryptoland. “For example, if you own “example.com” on DNS, you can import it into ENS […]

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Why crypto is a lot different today than in 2017.

Way back then, every project was a concept full of hypothetical revenue earned at the protocol level and accrued to the token holders. Today there are multiple projects that generate protocol revenue. This is still not quite “solid ground” for […]

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Why India should buy Bitcoin

Crypto mainstay Balaji Srinivasan: “More broadly, India should champion decentralized cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum to safeguard national security, prevent deplatforming, attract international capital, strengthen monetary policy, deter financial fraud, accelerate technological development, and hasten India’s ascendance as a global […]

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Crypto mining as a store of energy

“The process of mining cryptocurrencies currently relies on energy from polluting sources. Using excess power from renewable sources instead could convert waste to value and reduce financial risks.” | learn more

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Blockchain, the amazon solution for almost nothing

Factually accurate and I think wrong in the most meaningful sense. Sharing anyway! “Blockchain technology is going to change everything: the shipping industry, the financial system, government … in fact, what won’t it change? But enthusiasm for it mainly stems […]

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All about yield farming

“This wave of hype is centered around “yield farming,” wherein investors chase massive profits by supplying liquidity to various interlocking on-chain financial protocols.” | learn more

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Balaji Srinivasan on The Portal podcast

Balaji is a blockchain guy, having most recently worked as CTO of Coinbase. He also was very early (January) with coronavirus analysis. This covers a lot of ground including how public health plays the role of a utility that we’ve […]

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The crypto price-innovation cycle

From a16z: “Crypto cycles look chaotic, but over the long term they’ve generated steady growth of ideas, code, projects, and startups — the drivers of innovation.” | learn more