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How to shut down a startup.

“Just six weeks earlier, in October 2020, Petal had finalized pricing for manufacturing its germ-freezing trash can, which consumers could use to get rid of germs in their trash and eliminate odors. Then, the cost of manufacturing the product shot […]

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There’s a tortilla shortage in Chicago.

“Across Chicago and in the surrounding suburbs, folks have found empty shelves instead of El Milagro tortillas. It’s the second time since the pandemic began that the tortilla producer has faced a shortage, but it’s unclear what is causing it.” | learn […]

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Illinois’ finances improved after Covid-19

While it’s technically true, don’t forget the $144 billion of unfunded pension liabilities. “Vendors are being paid at a faster pace than at any point in the past 20 years. And a $42 billion state budget soon headed to Democratic […]


Illinois cannabis licenses delayed, blaming Covid

But not so fast… “As of last August, Illinois craft grow, infusion, and transport license applications had gone through two rounds of discrepancy vetting in the scoring process managed by accounting firm KPMG. Four months later, the state Attorney General […]