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UC Santa Barbara sues Walmart, Amazon and others

“UCSB says it’s entitled to royalties on the sales of vintage-style LED lightbulbs.” They’re an easier target than the overseas manufacturers. A good reminder that if you’re in the chain of commerce, you’re in the chain of lawsuits when things […]

retail therapy

Walmart’s secret weapon to battle Amazon

“The world’s largest retailer is using Jetblack, a labor-intensive and money-losing personal-shopping service, to develop artificial intelligence to compete with e-commerce giant Amazon.” I’d try this as a consumer – seems great! | learn more

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When advertising isn’t enough.

A presentation from a16z general partner Connie Chan. “Believe it or not, we’re still in the early days of the internet. And even though it originated in the U.S., countries like China – that leapfrogged the infrastructure phase to go […]