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Home lenders are much less active in minority neighborhoods

The primary analysis is by dollar amount, so skewed heavily by the larger loans for more expensive properties. But even by simple loan count there’s a disparity: “Financial institutions made four times more loans in Chicago’s white neighborhoods than they […]

oh, chicago

Chicago leads among heartland cities attracting VC

“America’s Mighty Middle Report, published by Crunchbase and Omaha-based Dundee Venture Capital, shows that over the last decade, Chicago leads the region’s VC funding at $15.2 billion, followed by Austin at $11.8 billion and Denver at $10.5 billion.” | learn more

oh, chicago

Chicago should legalize coach houses

I didn’t even realize they were illegal. “Urban Land Institute Chicago report says the additional units would help address the city’s lack of affordable housing.” | learn more

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Capone, king of crime

This snarky Vanity Fair article from May 1931 offers, “highlights in the life of Chicago’s celebrated racketeer who is seeking new worlds to conquer.” | learn more