oh, chicago

Surprise: 20% of blood samples have coronavirus antibodies

This is from over 1,000 samples across Chicagoland: “Nearly 1 in 5 Chicago residents who sent blood-spot samples to Northwestern researchers tested positive for coronavirus antibodies.” This is higher than they expected and might be due to the high sensitivity […]

oh, chicago

Chance the Snapper is now 5 feet long

He’s the alligator who lived in Humboldt Park last summer. “Chance is also asserting himself as the “boss” of his pen, which includes about 20 other animals.” | learn more

oh, chicago

Chicago Inno 25 under 25

When I stopped thinking of these lists as rankings and instead realized they were just one of many tools that highlight interesting people, I grew fonder of them. I particularly like this age bracket because it’s inspiring to see the […]

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Private rail car between NYC and Chicago

I investigated private rail options for travel during Covid-19. I quickly learned that there’s mostly no such thing anymore, but one company did offer it as a special back in 2007. The price? About as much as a private jet […]