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Why QED is doubling down on Kin.

A laudatory memo from a recent investor in the Chicago-based insurance startup Kin (disclosure: I’m lucky to be a small investor as well). “The difference between these financial metrics is so stark that we believe Kin will be the defining […]

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Why Chicago is losing the war on rats.

Be warned: cringy stories within. “An investigation by the Illinois Answers Project and Block Club Chicago shows that since the beginning of the pandemic, record rat complaints have overwhelmed city services. The city’s resources are stretched thin, and so many […]

oh, chicago

Tooth Gems are trending in Chicago.

“Like any other aesthetic choice, your tooth gems are about personal style preferences. There isn’t really much of a difference between having your ear pierced versus having a beautiful piece of jewelry on your tooth, Llewellyn said. “It’s for anyone.” ~ learn […]