oh, chicago

Chicago’s cannabis industry needs seed money.

“After a long court battle over marijuana licensing was resolved last year, Chicago dispensaries and craft growers have finally found footing to start their businesses. One problem: Seed money is drying up.” For those interested in the tech side to […]

oh, chicago

Armed men rob at least 14 people during 2-hour crime spree.

Doesn’t seem like anyone has been arrested. “Police issued a community alert late Friday morning linking six robberies to the crew, but a law enforcement source identified additional cases that are also believed to be part of the pattern.” | learn more


Someone stole this a woman’s crane.

It’s not just carjackings Chicagoans have to worry about! “We had the keys in our pocket — somebody had to hotwire it, had a flatbed and took it with them.” | learn more

oh, chicago

Does Chicago need a city charter?

“Most big cities in the U.S. have charters, but Chicago not only doesn’t have one, it is not even allowed by the state of Illinois to create one.” | learn more