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So…I bought a bank.

This is a wonderful example of “do things, tell people.” Brian Barnes, CEO of Chicago-based M1 Finance, bought a bank and wrote about it. Of interest, it seems he bought the bank personally because, M1 “has work to do before […]

on the blockchain

Jump Trading no longer wants to be secretive.

“Jump Trading was once called one of Wall Street’s most secretive high-speed trading firms. But now, Jump is going fully public with its crypto operation and wants the community to know it is keen on being a vocal and transparent contributor […]

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There’s a tortilla shortage in Chicago.

“Across Chicago and in the surrounding suburbs, folks have found empty shelves instead of El Milagro tortillas. It’s the second time since the pandemic began that the tortilla producer has faced a shortage, but it’s unclear what is causing it.” | learn […]

oh, chicago

A secret society of Chicago bakers.

“The Bakers Dozen was founded in the 1930s. Its members — beloved bakery owners — meet in secret once per month to sample each other’s goods, catch up and help keep their businesses alive.” | learn more

oh, chicago

Chicago ugly buildings tour.

“Chicago is known for its incredible architecture — but not every building is a stunner. A tour guide is showing off the city’s most reviled buildings in a new tour.” | learn more