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How the Chicago Teachers Union spends its money

The Chicago Sun Times reports: “We examined how the CTU uses its considerable financial muscle and found nearly $1.5 million from its dues-funded budget went to politics and lobbying over 15 months. And a union foundation cut back sharply on […]

oh, chicago

Pot shops already running out of product

No surprise here! The story also mentions lines blocks long and 3-4 hour wait times. Somewhere else I read the dispensary closest to Indiana is like a magnet for Hoosiers. “Several Chicago dispensaries have completely sold out of flower and […]

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Speaking at conferences

An inside look at how Chicago-based CTO Karl Hughes started getting speaking gigs at conferences, including his stats on acceptance and key leanings. “Whether you’re just starting your career out or you’re retired, you can definitely speak at a conference […]

oh, chicago

Legal weed in IL: map of dispensaries

“Dozens of existing medical dispensaries have been awarded licenses to start selling recreational cannabis at the start of the year, including nine in Chicago.” | learn more