on the blockchain

A death in Cryptoland

“When reports emerged in 2019 that the CEO of Canada’s largest cryptocurrency exchange had died, it left over a quarter of a billion dollars of customers’ funds in limbo. While authorities investigated, one online sleuth decided to dig deeper to […]

big ideas

Why recycling doesn’t work. 

This article is Canada-focused, but I would guess that the content applies to the US as well. “Ontario is the only province from which detailed financials are available. In 2016, blue-box collection cost municipalities a total of $347 million, and […]

fun facts

Have you ever heard of a telephone party line? 

I first heard of party lines from a customer in rural Canada who said, “when you call me back, it’ll ring for a while before I answer because it’s a party line.” I had no idea what he was talking […]

retail therapy

The last days of Target Canada. 

“Target pulled the plug on its massive Canadian expansion less than two years after opening. This is the incredible untold story of how it all went wrong.” | learn more

fun facts

Canada might run out of pot. 

Prime minister Justin Trudeau is legalizing recreational marijuana. This isn’t necessarily easy, because there’s not enough legal pot to go around. His current challenge: getting through a supply crunch to beat down the black market. | learn more

fun facts

Canada is still weird. 

“Postal deliveries have been suspended in part of a Canadian city after a well-known crow called Canuck attacked a mailman.” | learn more