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Peter Thiel: you are not a lottery ticket

Thiel lays out his 2×2 matrix: pessimist vs optimist, determinate vs indeterminate. It starts out a little obscure, but once he fills in examples it really drives his point home. I found his description of the circular investment flows in […]

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76 growth marketing hacks

Ironically, this content itself serves as a tool for growth. “Free list of growth marketing tactics and hacks to rapidly scale any business from B2B to DTC.” | learn more

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The four kinds of side hustles

“Side hustles can grow and evolve, but to work they need to have a few traits. They need to: Solve a problem someone is already aware of, NOT require a lot of maintenance or hand-holding, Have a no-brainer path to […]

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The quest for monopoly

This is about the NYSE, who lost their dominant market position before rebuilding it. I appreciate that it’s an example of a long lived and rarely highlighted monopoly business. The article does a wonderful job of telling the story. There’s […]

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A taxonomy of moats

This is a great article and it’s lessons are broadly applicable to businesses. “There are many different moats but they have at their root only a few different principles. This post is an attempt at categorizing the best-known moats by […]

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Pricing determines your business

This is a great article about how price drives business model decisions. “Price is not an exercise in maximizing some micro-economic supply/demand curve, slapped post-facto onto the product. Rather, it fundamentally determines the nature of the product and the structure […]