book recommendations

Benjamin Franklin: An American Life

Author: Walter Isaacson Popular images of Benjamin Franklin often center on three items: the bifocals, the kite, the key. Curious, I read the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin a few years back. Franklin’s honesty sparked my real interest in the U.S. […]

book recommendations

Am I Being Too Subtle

Author: Sam Zell Sam Zell sold a $39 Billion portfolio of real estate at the height of the real estate bubble. He’s a character. The autobiography of Sam Zell, narrated by Sam Zell, was so much fun to listen to.  […]

retail therapy

Amazon enters the freight brokerage business

I probably should have expected this, but I didn’t. Have you visited recently? “Amazon could build a zero-margin equivalent of C.H. Robinson inside the ‘shipping costs’ line on its P&L without anyone noticing.” | learn more

fun facts

Kidnapping: a very efficient business

Reading this, I learned a lot about both kidnapping as a business and the insurance product that’s been created around it. As you might guess, it’s a complicated relationship. | learn more

thoughts of food

Business of renting kitchen space heats up in China.

“In China’s biggest cities, restaurants are struggling to satisfy the appetites of customers ordering food delivery through apps on their phones. That’s leading to a booming market for renting kitchen space, without tables, chairs or waiters.” | learn more