How the brain helps keep the body young. 

This article explores the relationship between Neural Stem Cells and the aging process. The cells die slowly over time. When researchers killed these cells in animal models, they essentially jump-started the aging process. | learn more

How to make decisions. 

We all make decisions every day – many of them. Most are made by our “automatic” brain (aka System 1). To make better decisions, we need to slow down and use a process. It sounds boring,…

Why your brain hates other people. 

Stanford Professor Robert Sapolsky discusses the deeply-rooted phenomenon of dividing the world between us and them. He also analyses how we categorize thems, and proposes some strategies to overcome this mentality. | learn more

Studies show having power can cause brain damage. 

This new study brings a whole new meaning to the oft-repeated phrase power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Feeling powerful impairs the neural process of mirroring. Over time, it may cause functional changes to the brain. | learn more