fun facts

Largest corporate profits and losses

I read somewhere that AOL Time Warner had the largest ever corporate loss of $100 Billion in a year in 2002. This is a complete list of largest profits and losses both annual and quarterly. In 2008, one company lost […]

fun facts

A $9 Billion scam involving Nigeria

“A dying Irishman went for one last big score in Nigeria. The project failed, but a London tribunal says his company’s owed $9 billion and counting.” | learn more

to your health

Where electronic health records went wrong

This is a long read. It helped me understand the ‘how we got here’ story behind todays’ EHR challenges. And it was a helpful reminder of what can happen (both good and bad) when the government leans to an industry. […]

to your health

Government raid exposes $1B telemarketing Medicare scam

“The federal government on Tuesday raided dozens of locations belonging to doctors and medical equipment companies suspected of taking part in a massive telemarketing scam that targeted Medicare recipients and cost taxpayers nearly $1 billion.” | learn more

on the blockchain

Facebook seeking $1B in VC money for crypto project

“Citing sources familiar with the matter, [New York Times tech reporter Nathaniel] Popper states that Facebook is seeking a $1 billion sum to develop its cryptocurrency project. He states that seeking outside investment could keep the project more in line […]