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Shaka Senghor and the power of transformation.

A hidden gem interview with a man who transformed his prison gang from ruthless to non-violent. “Jordan Ching & Shaka Senghor discuss about Shaka’s journey of transformation from being in solitary confinement to becoming a writer, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker.” […]

better doing

Lead bullets.

Ben Horowitz explains the work required to overcome some obstacles won’t come from a silver bullet, but a lot of lead bullets. “Stop looking for the silver bullet.” | learn more

on the blockchain

Tornado Cash hijinx.

This blockchain service is used to launder cryptocurrency, and the US government recently banned it. Interacting with it can get your accounts frozen. So someone decided to have some fun: “Max chaos — someone is sending TC’d ETH to big […]

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Takeaways: What You Do is Who You Are

Author: Ben Horowitz “Your culture is how your company makes decisions when you’re not there.” Ben Horowitz is the best kind of “weird guy.” His father, David Horowitz, is a well-known conservative writer. Ben, meanwhile, opens chapters and essays with […]

big ideas

It’s time to build says Marc Andreessen

The cofounder of esteemed venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz published this excellent essay recently. “There is only one way to create the future we want for our own children and grandchildren, and that’s to build.” I couldn’t agree more! As […]

better doing

Which way do you run?

A new post by Ben Horowitz of a16z. I love that he always starts his posts with rap lyrics. “The key differentiator between effective and ineffective CEOs is whether they run toward or away from major problems and challenges in […]

better doing

Culture and revolution. 

Do you know how many successful slave revolts there have been in history? ONE. It was led by Toussaint L’Ouverture in 1791. Something reminded me of this fact, and I went digging for the source where I learned it. It was this presentation […]

better doing

The first rule of leadership. 

I love that Ben Horowitz always starts off his posts with rap lyrics. This is a man I can relate to! The difference between Charles Barkley and Hakeem Olajuwon is the first rule of leadership. | learn more

profiles of people

The Horowitz family. 

A profile of David Horowitz contrasted with his son Ben Horowitz (of VC firm Andreeson Horowitz fame). A very interesting story about the divergent politics of father and son. | learn more