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Two grocery challenger brands become one.

“Foxtrot and Dom’s Kitchen & Market, are merging to become Outfox Hospitality.” I was living near a Foxtrot in Wicker Park, Chicago and really appreciated it. They luckily followed me to Austin and opened right near my house and the […]

oh, Austin

Housing data 2010-2020.

“Austin had the fastest household growth, or growth in occupied housing units, of all large U.S. cities, as well as among select peer cities.” Inside: “In this story map, we focus on housing units in Austin, their growth between 2010 […]

oh, Austin

The billion dollar bike plan.

“One of the things that makes Austin special is the communal spaces where people can safely and enjoyably exist outdoors. Barton Springs & Zilker Park are community treasures; no wonder people are so sensitive about them. We must build upon […]

oh, Austin

Traffic in Austin will never get better.

“But what’s truly baffling is how reluctant people in Austin are to look to other cities for insight on how to address urban issues. As a result, not only are the problems we face often described as if they are […]

oh, Austin

A bearish view of Austin’s office space market.

This article from the Washington Post is sprinkled with bad-sounding factoids about vacant space throughout the city’s new buildings. “Roughly 87 percent of new office space is expected to open vacant, according to data from the commercial real estate firm […]