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The only article I read about CES this year

Steven Sinofsky, who used to run the Microsoft’s Windows division, has been a long-time attendee of the humongous consumer electronics trade show. He not only covers the tech trends that are likely to matter most, he also explains the context […]

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How Chicago reversed its river

This article comes with a short 5-minute video that’s quite good and explains why and how the river’s flow changed over 100 years ago. | learn more

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Are point sizes consistent among fonts?

I just had to know, so I looked it up. This article discusses the surprisingly interesting nuances of font sizing. “That’s because the point-size system is not absolute—different fonts set at the same point size won’t necessarily appear the same […]

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Cut your healthcare bill by paying cash

This doesn’t surprise me, and shouldn’t surprise you anymore. But it is an interesting article from the WSJ. “Hospitals and other providers increasingly are offering prices far below what they charge though insurance.” | learn more