fun facts

Wait, does America suddenly have a record number of bees?

A story of incentives. “After almost two decades of relentless colony collapse coverage and years of grieving suspiciously clean windshields, we were stunned to run the numbers on the new Census of Agriculture (otherwise known as that wonderful time every […]

fun facts

El Ratoncito Pérez.

Americans have the tooth fairy, but much of the world has El Ratoncito Pérez. “In 1894, Queen Maria Christina commissioned [Luis] Coloma to write a tale for King Alfonso XIII, who had just lost a tooth at the age of […]

big ideas

The case for more energy.

I am really finding myself drawn to this point of view. I think it may be the only truly great path forward for humanity. “America has been on a 45-year energy diet, and we ought to try and end it.” ~ learn […]

fun facts

Brown gold: the great American manure rush begins.

Dairy farms are now partnering with companies to turn their cow manure into “renewable natural gas (RNG)”. Possibly the most dystopian line in this article: “Taken to an extreme, some worry dairy farms could end up turning into feces farms […]

thoughts of food

Let’s learn about the U.S. pine nut business.

“A century ago, the pine nut was a major agricultural product of the American Southwest. … Today, American pine nuts (also called piñon or pinyon) are rarely found growing outside the Southwest. And even there, they can be a challenge […]