big ideas

The American soviet mentality

Some timely writing about the Soviet Union that’s applicable to the US culture today. “It was during that campaign [against Pasternak’s Doctor Zhivago] that the Soviet catchphrase “ne chital, no osuzhdayu”—“didn’t read, but disapprove”—was born: Pasternak’s accusers had coined it to […]

big ideas

Talent is everywhere, opportunity is not

Our World In Data leverages a new study titled ’Who becomes an inventor in America?’ to tell a story about our global situation. “The [study’s] authors wanted to answer the question: what is it that matters for whether a child […]

fun facts

The 50 countries (worth) of America

“[H]ow do the economies of the individual US states stack up against other countries? California’s economy is about the size of the United Kingdom’s, while Texas’s matches up with Canada’s. Who’s on par with Sri Lanka or the Czech Republic? […]

thoughts of food

How the Chipotle burrito took over America

This is an entertaining read, especially for the Chipotle haters out there (I’m not one of them). “A brief history of Chipotle, and how the chain’s 1,200 calories of edible brick became the most ubiquitous Mexican meal in America.” | learn […]

better doing

The incentives for groupthink. 

Academic departments are trending toward conformity. “According to arguably the best-designed survey of American faculty beliefs since the early 1970s, which was carried out in the mid-00s, only 3.6% of humanities faculty members and only 4.9% in the social sciences […]