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In defense of Amazon’s private labels

Ben Evans reminds us, with data and charts, that it’s not quite fair to have a problem with Amazon for their private label strategy. This is tried & true retail strategy for over a hundred years and Amazon isn’t even […]

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Amazon’s profits, AWS and advertising

Benedict Evans: “The bigger Amazon gets, the more it’s worth reading the accounts. Does AWS subsidise the whole thing? Is the revenue $250bn – or $450bn? And is that ad business just a footnote, or is it bringing in more […]

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Amazon-Kohl’s partnership update

Since 2017, Kohl’s has accepted returns on behalf of Amazon. I’ve taken advantage of this option and it was a good experience. “Amazon helped retailer Kohl’s add two million new customers last year.” | learn more

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Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg

“People often ask me to compare working for Bezos vs Zuck. I worked with Mark much more closely for much longer, but I did work directly with Jeff in my last 2 years at Amazon incubating the Kindle. Here are […]

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Main street ecommerce

“New online platform ‘Nearby’ wants to help small businesses compete with Amazon.” I hope they succeed! | learn more

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How Amazon wins

The WSJ is still salty at Amazon for using their advantages, as evidenced by the second part of the title: “by steamrolling rivals and partners.” Here’s the summary: “CEO Jeff Bezos still runs the e-commerce giant with the drive of […]