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How Amazon wins

The WSJ is still salty at Amazon for using their advantages, as evidenced by the second part of the title: “by steamrolling rivals and partners.” Here’s the summary: “CEO Jeff Bezos still runs the e-commerce giant with the drive of […]

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Amazon jumps deep into the pharmacy business

This goes well beyond their PillPack acquisition from 2018. The new offering, Amazon Pharmacy, allows customers to order prescription medication with free delivery, accepts most insurance, and even lets you compare your insurance price to the cash price (which is […]

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Amazon sues counterfeiters

Sorry influencers, using Tiktok and Facebook to drive traffic to your counterfeit products on Amazon’s marketplace isn’t going to fly. | learn more

retail therapy

Amazon pilots CBD sales in UK

You might be surprised to learn that CBD, the substances seemingly sold in every corner store nowadays, is banned from Facebook and Google ads. I’ve seen Facebook workarounds that offer C-🐝-D instead. Amazon testing the category is a break with […]

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On battery recycling and the future

JB Straubel, the Tesla co-founder and former CTO, is deep in the battery recycling game. Historically recycling compliance for batteries has been low, but that must change as the volume keeps increasing. “Why Amazon and Panasonic are betting on this […]

retail therapy

Amazon employee bribes lead to indictments

This sort of enforcement is great for consumers. I hope it discourages other sellers from going this route. “The U.S. Department of Justice has charged six people with bribing Amazon employees and contractors in an attempt to supply third-party sellers […]