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The increasing complexity of product returns

“Amazon and Walmart both use artificial intelligence to decide whether it makes economic sense to accept a return. These merchants can absorb the cost. But for smaller merchants, returnless refunds are a recipe for financial disaster.” | learn more

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Amazon, Walmart and Chinese potting soil

In 2018, the anonymous blogger behind Deep Throat IPO wrote this incredibly long post exploring the question “What would have happened if Amazon and Walmart had never been born?” It’s a fascinating exploration of the dynamics of US retail and […]

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In defense of Amazon’s private labels

Ben Evans reminds us, with data and charts, that it’s not quite fair to have a problem with Amazon for their private label strategy. This is tried & true retail strategy for over a hundred years and Amazon isn’t even […]

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Amazon’s profits, AWS and advertising

Benedict Evans: “The bigger Amazon gets, the more it’s worth reading the accounts. Does AWS subsidise the whole thing? Is the revenue $250bn – or $450bn? And is that ad business just a footnote, or is it bringing in more […]

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Amazon-Kohl’s partnership update

Since 2017, Kohl’s has accepted returns on behalf of Amazon. I’ve taken advantage of this option and it was a good experience. “Amazon helped retailer Kohl’s add two million new customers last year.” | learn more

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Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg

“People often ask me to compare working for Bezos vs Zuck. I worked with Mark much more closely for much longer, but I did work directly with Jeff in my last 2 years at Amazon incubating the Kindle. Here are […]