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Walmart and Shopify team up

Walmart’s had an online marketplace since 2009, though it’s always fallen short of Amazon’s in scale. Now they’re teaming up with Shopify to bring more sellers and more products to the platform. It’s also a reflection of (I think) philosophical […]

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Amazon Care pilot program for Seattle employees

The program features both telehealth and in-home care services that include clinical laboratory testing. It’s for employees only at this point. Remember that Amazon Go’s cashier-free stores began this way too. is coming for healthcare. | learn more

retail therapy

The fourth great unlock

Scott Galloway is impressed by Amazon. “Any customer, vendor, supplier or worker who wants a near-virus-free supply chain, a criterion that has gone from zero to light speed in 90 days, will have a selection set of one.” | learn more

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What’s happening to book sales?

They’re up in many categories, down in others. Amazon deemed books non-essential, slowing orders. Meanwhile startup is growing out of control. One of their main selling points seems to be that they’re not Amazon. | learn more

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The anti-Amazon alliance

Ben Thompson writes in Stratechery, reminds us that “everyone in commerce is, whether they realize it or not, in the Anti-Amazon Alliance, and that provides plenty of motivation.” | learn more