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Can Michael Dell cash in on the AI boom?

This is a nice profile of the low-key tech CEO who’s been in the game longer than anyone. “If Dell isn’t a dynamic, headline-making speaker, it may be because he’s built this four-decade run on listening—deploying his analytical skills and […]

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These companies have a plan to kill apps.

Wired reporting from the cutting edge… “There’s a wave of companies building so-called app-less phones and gadgets, leveraging artificial intelligence advancements to create smarter virtual assistants that can handle all kinds of tasks through one portal, bypassing the need for […]

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Aggregator’s AI risk.

From Stratechery: “Generative AI flips this paradigm on its head: suddenly, there isn’t an abundance of supply, at least from the perspective of the end users; there is simply one answer. To put it another way, AI is the anti-printing […]

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The unit economics of AI.

“If you’ve already put two and two together, you understand this: the cost of knowledge work has just decreased by orders of magnitude. Why? The floor has dropped out on the price of information.” ~ learn more

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Microsoft’s New Future of Work Report 2023.

They use their proprietary data and published research to assess state of the art work practices. “A summary of recent research from Microsoft and around the world that can help us create a new and better future of work with […]

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AI design patterns.

This post offers some lightweight education. “As we’ve been researching the AI landscape & how to build applications, a few design patterns are emerging for AI products. These design patterns are simple mental models. They help us understand how builders […]