big ideas

The unpredictable abilities emerging from large AI models.

I suspect “emergence” will continue to be a dominant force in human progress in this century. Seems like a safe benefit since it’s also responsible for, well, pretty much everything. “A raft of researchers, detecting the first hints that LLMs […]

fun facts

Humans can’t tell male and female eyes apart, but an AI model can.

“Predicting gender from fundus [the part of the eyeball opposite the pupil] photos, previously inconceivable to those who spent their careers looking at retinas, also withstood external validation on an independent dataset of patients with different baseline demographics.” ~ learn more

on the blockchain

Will crypto + AI eat the world?

“In the (near) future 100,000,000s of devices will run open source programs on shared data/models the same way they run any other app. Any RAM / Memory anywhere with internet making (small) casual continuous profit from letting itself be used […]

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The bull case for AI homework.

Ben Thompson of Stratechery offers my favorite (so far) vision for how generative AI could be a net benefit for school homework. A school could mandate the use of a specific AI! “Here’s the thing, though: the system will frequently […]

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Stable Diffusion 2.0.

The open-source AI image generation tool keeps getting better. This version has better text interpretation, enhanced resolution, better depth handling and more. | learn more