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A ChatGPT MD success story.

After several years of failed diagnoses for a young boy, his mother turned to the AI chat app. ChatGPT suggested a diagnosis of an extremely rare condition, which she took to a specialist who promptly validated it. Imagine how much […]

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The “grift shift” into AI.

This report in Institutional Investor tells the story of stocks who have pivoted from promoting crypto schemes without substance to all-in on AI. “Nvidia’s explosive revenue growth really tells us nothing about the future of AI,” Koppikar explains. “It turns out every […]

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Using AI to decode animal communication.

Aza Raskin’s talk will open your eyes to this amazing tendency of all human languages to map to surprisingly consistent semantic shapes. This allows AI to translate from one language directly to another without an intermediary “rosetta stone.” He takes […]

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Lawyers are getting their own AI chat apps.

The Silicon Valley law firm Gunderson Dettmer built their own internal app for using large language models in their practice. The most exciting “component is the ability of lawyers to query documents they provide using retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), a method […]

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On-boarding your AI intern.

“Just like any new worker, you are going to have to learn its strengths and weaknesses; you are going to have to learn to train and work with it; and you are going to have to get a sense of […]

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Google’s new multimodal medical AI.

“Med-PaLM M is a large multimodal generative model that flexibly encodes and interprets biomedical data including clinical language, imaging, and genomics with the same set of model weights. Med-PaLM M reaches performance competitive with or exceeding the state of the […]

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How does LLM safety training fail?

“We hypothesize two failure modes of safety training: competing objectives and mismatched generalization. Competing objectives arise when a model’s capabilities and safety goals conflict, while mismatched generalization occurs when safety training fails to generalize to a domain for which capabilities […]

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Too much extrapolation.

“There are two types of common discontinuities in AI. One is when performance jumps much more than expected – e.g. you double the amount of data you have but triple the performance of the output from that. The other is […]

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The prospects of molecular manufacturing.

Imagine a world where we could make machines at nanometer scale, the width of a single DNA strand. “With the introduction of artificial intelligence technologies capable of designing and anticipating protein structures, the near-term prospect for synthesized molecules in industry […]