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The myth of the treasure fox.

A lesson in emergent AI behavior. “Among Skyrim players, you’ll occasionally see this tip: if you see a wild fox, follow it and you’ll be led to treasure. Sometime shortly after shipping, we saw this going around online, and an […]

fun facts

The AI wolf that preferred suicide over eating sheep.

“The game was simple. Two wolves and six sheep would be placed at random within a game space by the computer. The wolves would have to catch all the sheep in 20 seconds while avoiding some boulders within the space.” | learn […]

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Phrenology, insurance claims, and digital gaydar

“You read that right: an insurance company in 2021 is defending itself against charges, circulated widely in the AI ethics Twitter dogpile on their original thread, that they’re using the Late Renaissance pseudosciences of phrenology and physiognomy on their customers.” | learn […]

fun facts

AI magic makes century-old films look new

I came here for the colorized and sharpened San Francisco, a Trip down Market Street, and it was great. There is also upgraded old footage from France, Japan and the Moon! | learn more