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The Airbnb of warehouses. 

“Flexe finds spare warehouse space for e-commerce merchants, including mattress seller Casper, and is set to offer overnight delivery all over the U.S.” | learn more

big ideas

The happiness experiment.

Quartz does a beautiful job overviewing our human struggle with happiness and a lot of the research that’s shaping our understanding of it. | learn more

big ideas

Linear thinking in a nonlinear world. 

Humans are great at linear thinking, and we’re generally bad at nonlinear thinking. Unfortunately, many things in life are nonlinear. This excellent HBR article lays out the problem and tactics to address it with. | learn more

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AI is the new business moat. 

Greylock VC partner Jerry Chen writes about legacy business moats such as economies of scale and network effects, then lays out why he thinks AI will defend the next generation of businesses. | learn more

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How do I start an airline? 

On Q&A site Quora, George Zaharoff details all of the plans that went into the airline he was to start in 2002. He includes amazingly detailed financial projections, vendor strategy, and more. | learn more