better doing

Flashcards to learn 168 cognitive biases. 

I’ve been very interested in cognitive biases over the past year. I believe identifying them before they drag you along too far is a key to avoiding bad decisions. Avoiding bad decisions is a key to success. | learn more

big ideas

Scientists made food from electricity. 

“Finnish researchers have created a batch of single-cell protein that is nutritious enough to serve for dinner using a system powered by renewable energy. The entire process requires only electricity, water, carbon dioxide, and microbes.” | learn more

under the microscope

Longevity and the fasting-mimicking diet. 

This article is based on an interview with Dr. Valter Longo Ph.D., professor of gerontology and biological sciences at the University of Southern California. It offers interesting strategies (and reasoning behind them) for increasing longevity. | learn more

under the microscope

How the brain helps keep the body young. 

This article explores the relationship between Neural Stem Cells and the aging process. The cells die slowly over time. When researchers killed these cells in animal models, they essentially jump-started the aging process. | learn more