fun facts

Financing the American home

“On American streets, the [30 year mortgage] is everywhere. It makes up around 80% of an $11.3 trillion mortgage market. Yet, with the exception of Denmark, it doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world. Even baseball exists in more countries.” | learn […]

fun facts

The physics of war in space

A very intriguing primer on how to conduct war in space. “Scenes from Star Wars, books, and TV shows portray a world very different from what we are likely to see in the next 50 years, if ever, given the […]

fun facts

Chuck E. Cheese fun facts

“A thing I think about a lot is that in 1980, Chuck E. Cheese sued Showbiz Pizza for ripping off their concept and won, and then in 1984 Chuck E. Cheese went bankrupt so Showbiz Pizza bought the company, and […]

on the blockchain

Educating elected officials

Fred Wilson thinks the crypto industry, “owe[s] these elected officials an education on how crypto can address these important issues [around banking access] and why it is not a distraction from them.” I appreciate that crypto has folks like Fred […]

under the microscope

CALORIE phase 2 results

The researchers studied Caloric Restriction (i.e. eating less). I wonder if there are consultancies for naming scientific studies with the cleverest of acronyms. This is a 24-month randomized controlled trial with 218 participants. Strongly worded conclusion: “Overall, CALERIE 2 illustrates […]