VC math. 

Investor Homan Yuen writes about the economics of venture capital funds, making the case for why most require $1B+ exits to make their funds work. This is an easy-to-understand overview of the subject. |learn more

Catherine the Great

I had a basic understanding of Catherine’s (her birth name was actually Sophia) story from The Romanovs. This was a much deeper dive into her story, chronicling the journey of this minor German princess to the Russian throne. She ended up becoming more loyal to Russia than I think anyone could have expected, and worked during her reign to improve conditions for the peasantry. Interestingly, she tried to end the practice of serfdom, but had a tough uphill battle. Eventually, after a rebellion, she changed her position entirely and never tried to abolish it again. (View on Amazon)

The future bodyNET. 

“Electronics are set to merge with our bodies to extend our perceptions. Smartphones and watches will give way to the bodyNET: a network of sensors, screens and smart devices woven into our clothing, worn on our skin and implanted in our bodies (see ‘Superhuman powers’). … These extensions of ourselves will allow us to sense and communicate with others and our surroundings in new and sophisticated ways, beyond our existing five senses.” This article in the journal Nature is ahead of the technology, but makes for interesting reading. learn more