Why winners keep winning. 

Of Dollars and Data, in its classic analytical style,  takes on the subject of cumulative advantage. This is intuitively understood, but the data is eye-opening anyway. “In all the lives you could be living, in all of the worlds you could simulate, how much did luck play a role in this one?” learn more

Keep the degree of difficulty down. 

Fred Wilson, a top VC, has some great advice: “In many sports, like diving, gymnastics, skating, etc, the way to win is to perfectly execute a high degree of difficulty move. In startups, I advise founders to avoid that way of thinking and try to execute a simple dive and hit the water perfectly.” learn more

Stay on script. 

Nick Maggiulli from Of Dollars and Data reminds us about the importance of sticking to investment plans. That means avoid chasing the newest “hot” investment! learn more

Saying ‘no’ to the non-essential. 

“People who say yes to everything have a lot of speed. They’re always doing stuff but never getting anything done. Why? Because they don’t think in terms of velocity. Understanding the difference between speed and velocity will change how you work.” |learn more

Adoption takes time. 

A friendly reminder that even the best ideas take time to gain acceptance in the market. For example: doctors washing their hands before surgery. D. Casey Flaherty writes a hilarious and informative post about reminding us all of this fact with unforgettable examples. learn more

Culture and revolution. 

Do you know how many successful slave revolts there have been in history? ONE. It was led by Toussaint L’Ouverture in 1791. Something reminded me of this fact, and I went digging for the source where I learned it. It was this presentation by Ben Horowitz about culture. I am so glad I re-watched it. learn more