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Physical attractiveness bias in the legal system

A painstaking analysis of 27 studies, neatly summarized with key takeaways up top. “When I started looking into this subject, I predicted a person’s physical attractiveness would only have minor advantages. I was wrong. In fact, I was so wrong, […]

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Bias from incentives and reinforcement. 

Farnam Street offers an excellent write-up that highlights the importance of incentives (you can never read too much about this), and the different systems of incentives and reinforcement. This is great learning for both business leaders and parents. | learn more

better doing

Flashcards to learn 168 cognitive biases. 

I’ve been very interested in cognitive biases over the past year. I believe identifying them before they drag you along too far is a key to avoiding bad decisions. Avoiding bad decisions is a key to success. | learn more