big ideas

Why is there only one Elon Musk?

This is a wonderful thought exploration. “There are almost 8 billion people on the planet – why is there so much low-hanging fruit? Why is there so much stuff to work on?” | learn more

retail therapy

Amazon pilots CBD sales in UK

You might be surprised to learn that CBD, the substances seemingly sold in every corner store nowadays, is banned from Facebook and Google ads. I’ve seen Facebook workarounds that offer C-🐝-D instead. Amazon testing the category is a break with […]

better doing

What the pandemic has taught us about science

I enjoyed this essay from Matt Ridley in the WSJ. “The scientific method remains the best way to solve many problems, but bias, overconfidence and politics can sometimes lead scientists astray.” | learn more

better doing

Theory of change

The author explains this popular concept from the political & nonprofit communities. “A theory of change is the opposite of a theory of action — it works backwards from the goal, in concrete steps, to figure out what you can […]

better doing

The baloney detection kit

I appreciate how quickly this gets to the heart of the issue. “Carl Sagan’s rules for bullshit-busting and critical thinking.” | learn more

tech, startups, internet

The Moby Dick theory of big companies

This is a 2007 essay from Marc Andreessen. “The most important thing you need to know going into any discussion or interaction with a big company is that you’re Captain Ahab, and the big company is Moby Dick.” | learn more