on the blockchain

All about yield farming

“This wave of hype is centered around “yield farming,” wherein investors chase massive profits by supplying liquidity to various interlocking on-chain financial protocols.” | learn more

big ideas

Orthodox privilege

Another recent essay by Paul Graham. “I’m going to call it orthodox privilege: The more conventional-minded someone is, the more it seems to them that it’s safe for everyone to express their opinions.” | learn more

teaching the kids

The future of education (bankruptcy).

Discussion of the link between education, finance and muni bonds. “I fear that the changes in store for higher education are going to look a lot like the painful changes we’ve seen in retail, travel, news, and entertainment.” | learn more

teaching the kids

What are microschools?

“Microschools, also known as pandemic pods due to their rise in popularity as a result of COVID-19, are small groups of families or friends, usually no more than 10, who meet in person to be taught daily by a single […]

thoughts of food

Oatly: the new Coke?

This week we have more talk of Oatly! First, you can read this comparison of Oatly to Coke, sugar and cigarettes along the lines of misleading health marketing. But don’t stop there, because the comments criticizing the comparison are salient.