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Innovation can’t be forced, but it can be quashed

Our favorite rational optimist Matt Ridley is back with more interesting writing. “To solve 21st-century problems, innovators need the freedom to experiment without the burden of overregulation and the abuse of intellectual property rights by vested interests.” | learn more

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The death of the all-you-can-eat buffet

I really like modern salad bars, and I realized this week during a visit to Whole Foods that they’ll probably be gone from the scene for a while. “The all-you-can-eat buffet is unlikely to survive the pandemic in its current […]

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The Hertz Corporation files for bankruptcy

From the restructuring industry newsletter Petition: “Much like most other COVID victims, Hertz could be described as having mild pre-conditions that made it generally more susceptible to the virus. For years now, the company has been attempting to effectively treat […]

retail therapy

James Cash Penney and the ‘golden rule’

From the New York Times in 1971, resurfaced because of the chain’s recent bankruptcy filing. “In an interview on his 93d birthday, he said that the profit sharing plan for employees that he started in 1907 had been largely responsible […]

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Living in the future

A podcast interview with Shane Parish of The Knowledge Project (and Farnam Street). “Mike Maples, partner at the VC firm Floodgate, shares how mental models shape his decision making process, where to find the next big idea, and how to […]