on the blockchain

Balaji on decentralized personal media corporations

Balaji Srinivasan has earned a second appearance in today’s newsletter. This is a presentation “on how the multiple concurrent crises of 2020 have led to further breakdowns in trust in both establishment media and social media, and how crypto could […]

big ideas

Vladimir Putin’s essay on World War II

Putin probably didn’t write this, but he did put his name on it. It’s surely published for self-serving reasons, but that doesn’t mean it’s not useful. In particular, he directly contradicts the history I learned in school about the Nazi-Soviet […]

big ideas

The American soviet mentality

Some timely writing about the Soviet Union that’s applicable to the US culture today. “It was during that campaign [against Pasternak’s Doctor Zhivago] that the Soviet catchphrase “ne chital, no osuzhdayu”—“didn’t read, but disapprove”—was born: Pasternak’s accusers had coined it to […]

under the microscope

How do optical illusions work?

“The question is whether the “illusion” part is generated in our brains or in the visual data our eyes are sending to our brains. Over the course of three experiments, the scientists say they believe the phenomenon occurs in each […]

under the microscope

How early-life environment can drive long-term aging

“Early life exposure to environmental stressors, including endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs), can impact health later in life. Here, the authors show that neonatal EDC exposure in rats causes epigenetic reprogramming in the liver, which is transcriptionally silent until animals are […]

retail therapy

Nike hit hard by coronavirus

Even the strongest of brands is hurting today. “Nike reported an unexpected quarterly net loss and a sales decline of 38% year-over-year.” That’s despite digital sales growing by 75% to represent 30% of their revenue. | learn more