thoughts of food

There will be new restaurants

This article is about a new Israeli and Middle Eastern restaurant in Andersonville. This week I’ve also seen three new planned openings in my neighborhood. I can’t help but wonder about the economics, but this is a great reminder that […]

big ideas

Ending aging, the other pandemic

Peter Diamandis highlights some of the technologies he’s tracking. “For the first time ever, scientists and entrepreneurs think there’s a way to slow aging in its tracks, and perhaps even reverse it.” | learn more

under the microscope

Deep red light reboots aging retinas

“A new study has demonstrated how a form of deep red light therapy can help address age-related decline in vision. Hitting the retina with just the right wavelength of light was found to recharge its energy system in those over […]

retail therapy

Yelp’s local economic impact report

“Of all business closures on Yelp since March 1, 41% are permanent closures. Our data shows the largest spikes of permanent closures occurred in March, followed by May and June, indicating that the businesses that were already struggling had to […]