on the blockchain

ETH2 for dummies

“ETH2 is the next generation of Ethereum, and even calling it Ethereum is a bit of a misnomer — it’s an entirely different project, with a new zero-to-one paradigm for how blockchains can operate at scale.” | learn more

to your health

What the 2020s have in store for aging Boomers

“I asked a dozen experts to identify important trends. Some responses were aspirational, reflecting what they’d like to see happen. Some were sobering, reflecting a harsh reality: Our nation isn’t prepared for this vast demographic shift and its far-reaching consequences.” | learn […]

better doing

Rules to a less complicated life

Lou Holtz, a former football player and coach, uses his humor to give a speech about his philosophy and the simple life rules he uses to live a happy life. | learn more

better doing

Why I never hire brilliant men

This is a story (possibly apocryphal) from 1924. Even a hundred years ago it was clear that ‘fit’ between a business and its people is critical. “Moreover, this is a plodding kind of business, where the money is made by […]

better doing

The lesson to unlearn

A new essay by Paul Graham talks about a lesson we all learn in school that does a poor job preparing us for life. We learn to score well on tests that aren’t actually representative of knowledge. “If tests truly […]