on the blockchain

A new exchange that ‘can’t be hacked.’

This is about Nash, which uses state channels (a new-ish development within blockchain). “While decentralized exchanges have existed in the past, a key advantage of using state channels is they allow transfers to happen instantly, meaning users don’t have to […]

better doing

A/B test results are illusory

Some of you have heard me gripe about people A/B testing with low-traffic websites. This author explains why better than I ever could. But will marketers listen? This author quotes Upton Sinclair: “It is difficult to get a man to […]

better doing

Research: great stories undermine strong facts

“Some research shows facts are better received when presented on their own. Other studies show facts are more accepted when interwoven with stories; stories can help bridge emotional connections. If someone is trying to persuade or influence others, should they […]