Thinking doesn’t just happen in the brain.

In October 2022, I shared this link where Michael Levin showcased work from his lab on organ regeneration. He had figured out that all cells communicate electrically, which is how they know what and where to be when they grow up. He demonstrated it by cutting a planarian (flatworm) in two and causing it to regrow a second head instead of a tail—by changing the voltage. His lab has been busy. “It turns out that regular cells—not just highly specialized brain cells such as neurons—have the ability to store information and act on it. Now Levin has shown that the cells do so by using subtle changes in electric fields as a type of memory. These revelations have put the biologist at the vanguard of a new field called basal cognition.” One implication that crossed my mind: this reinforces the concept of carrying stressful memories in various body parts. learn more

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