big ideas

Molecular storage, data writ small

The worldwide demand for data storage far outpaces our ability to store it. Researchers are turning to molecular storage, modeled on DNA, for a potential solution. “As an initial demonstration of feasibility, 400 kilobits of information in both text and […]

thoughts of food

How the Perfect Bar was born

FYI this is my favorite snack bar. “As their father lay dying, the 13 Keith siblings took his recipe for a snack no one could sell—a refrigerated protein bar—and created a $300 million startup.” | learn more

under the microscope

Can we engineer biology

Today, I bring you two links that are best read in sequence. The question is whether we’re anywhere near being able to approach biology the way we approach engineering. The debaters are both exceptional: Vijay Pande, healthcare investor at a16z, […]

better doing

How to remember everything

“The world’s most accomplished memorizers insist their powers aren’t an innate gift, but rather a skill that anyone can hone.” This short article is based on the work of Joshua Foer. His book Moonwalking with Einstein is great, too. | learn more

retail therapy

Dame products sues New York’s MTA over advertising

This might be a better campaign than the original one they had planned. “NYC’s transit agency … rejected Dame’s exciting new subway ad campaign, citing vague and sexist reasons. Their message: There’s plenty of space for erectile dysfunction drugs, but […]