Molecular storage, data writ small

The worldwide demand for data storage far outpaces our ability to store it. Researchers are turning to molecular storage, modeled on DNA, for a potential solution. “As an initial demonstration of feasibility, 400 kilobits of information in both text and image format were recorded and recovered with better than 99% accuracy at write speeds of 8 bits/s and read rates of 20 bits/s.” learn more

Can we engineer biology

Today, I bring you two links that are best read in sequence. The question is whether we’re anywhere near being able to approach biology the way we approach engineering. The debaters are both exceptional: Vijay Pande, healthcare investor at a16z, and Derek Lowe, a chemist specializing in drug discovery research.Vijay Pande: How to Engineer BiologyDerek Lowe: Engineering Biology, For Real?As always, you should draw your own conclusions. Shoot me a note after reading if you want to chat about it.

Dame products sues New York’s MTA over advertising

This might be a better campaign than the original one they had planned. “NYC’s transit agency … rejected Dame’s exciting new subway ad campaign, citing vague and sexist reasons. Their message: There’s plenty of space for erectile dysfunction drugs, but none for innovators making sex enjoyable for women. So we’re going to court to #DerailSexism!” learn more