The world’s oldest vegetarian restaurant

“Today, Haus Hiltl isn’t just one Zürich’s most popular dining options; it’s recognised by Guinness World Records as the world’s oldest continuously run vegetarian restaurant – a gourmet temple of ‘healthy indulgence’, founded in 1898 and operated by the fourth generation of the Hiltl family.” learn more

On bringing your ‘whole self’ to work

The ‘work life balance’ concept has never resonated with me. I didn’t ever want to segregate my work from my life. Instead, I strive to integrate the two. New research suggests compartmentalizing personal and professional identities may open the door for unethical behavior. Here comes the ‘whole self’ concept. learn more

Why some CEOs support ‘Medicare for All’

The crux of this is something I’ve been talking about for a while: why in the world is your employer involved in your healthcare? “While national business groups fight the single-payer concept, the founder and CEO of a large Pennsylvania picture frame manufacturer tries to convince other employers that it’s the only way to control costs and fix the U.S. health system.” learn more