thoughts of food

How to spot fake Saffron

If you will believe the internet, a significant portion of Saffron on the market is fake – often colored with red food coloring or made of corn silk. | learn more

thoughts of food

Inside the cult of Mariano’s orange juice

“At a glance, Mariano’s orange juice is no different from other fresh-squeezed juices. Yet its quality ranges from supernatural to sainthood.” For the record, the O.J. at Albert Heijn supermarkets in the Netherlands is amazingly even fresher. | learn more

retail therapy

Walmart is becoming a technology company

The author makes the point that Walmart has embraced the need to be tech-focused as it competes with Amazon, Alibaba & other tech/retail giants. What the author misses is that Walmart, despite its 60 years of age, has often been […]

to your health

Is dentistry a science?

The Atlantic pulls no punches in this analysis of the dental industry. The anecdotal story woven throughout the article should make you rethink how infrequently you ask for a 2nd opinion before giving consent for root canals and other procedures. […]