Makerpad is where people like you learn to build without code

I love this! “Makerpad is a collection of tutorials, templates and tools to show you what can be achieved without code and how you can do it. You’ll get support from the community of like-minded people and from me to help you figure out how to build your idea without code. Makerpad is for everyone who’s been told to learn to code or find a technical co-founder. It’s for those of you who felt like you could never actually build your own thing.” learn more

Hertz sues Accenture for $32MM over crappy website

bad tech is not newsy. What is surprising is how rarely we hear about these disputes! “Among the most mind-boggling allegations in Hertz’s filed complaint is that Accenture didn’t incorporate a responsive design, in which webpages automatically resize to accommodate the visitor’s screen size whether they are using a phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop.” learn more

A map of the unknown world

“A Ghurka rifleman escaped from a Japanese prison in south Burma and walked six hundred miles alone through the jungles to freedom. The journey took him five months, but he never asked the way and he never lost the way…” The end of this story is both surprising and interesting. learn more