staying thirsty

A kingdom from dust

Get ready for a very long read about Stewart Resnick and his water-guzzling empire (Wonderful Pistachios, Halos, POM, and FIJI). He is, “the biggest farmer in the United States, a fact he has tried to keep hidden while he has […]

big ideas

The short history of global living conditions

These five charts tell a story that too many don’t yet know. It’s the same story that Hans Rosling told up until his death. It’s the story of the world getting better – way better – over the decades and […]

thoughts of food

The Pegan diet

This term probably describes my current diet more closely than any other names I’ve come across. But you probably won’t hear me ever use it :). Also, I’m still all about the cheese and hummus, so… | learn more

to your health

EHR ‘gag clauses’ may soon come off

As I peel back more layers of the health care system onion, I really appreciate some of the nuances that this industry has developed. In this case, it seems that a lot of the big Electronic Health Record software vendors […]

on the blockchain

On value capture at layers 1 and 2

This recent blog post by Kyle Samani at Multicoin Capital discusses how protocols can capture some of the value they create. “Given that all of the code that powers crypto networks is open-source, the only source of defensibility is network […]

tech, startups, internet

Arguments for and against Blitzscaling

In January I reviewed Blitzscalingby LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman and Chris Yeh. Tim O’Reilly, a successful founder and investor, had a different (more negative) opinion of the book’s message (read this first!). The authors respond to O’Reilly and double down on why […]