A kingdom from dust

Get ready for a very long read about Stewart Resnick and his water-guzzling empire (Wonderful Pistachios, Halos, POM, and FIJI). He is, “the biggest farmer in the United States, a fact he has tried to keep hidden while he has shaped what we eat, transformed California’s landscape, and ruled entire towns.” learn more

The Pegan diet

This term probably describes my current diet more closely than any other names I’ve come across. But you probably won’t hear me ever use it :). Also, I’m still all about the cheese and hummus, so… learn more

How to deliver constructive feedback in difficult situations

The author of this post shares an interesting, and probably useful, protocol for delivering sticky feedback with tact. After discussing this with a friend, we both notice a challenge with using any sort of protocol in a real conversation. After the initial exchange of words, you must fall back to “real-time” responses or pause before each turn speaking. The prior is dangerous because of the potential for poorly chosen phrasing, and the latter because it may be construed as overly political or insincere. learn more

EHR ‘gag clauses’ may soon come off

As I peel back more layers of the health care system onion, I really appreciate some of the nuances that this industry has developed. In this case, it seems that a lot of the big Electronic Health Record software vendors have made it a violation of license to share screenshots of their product. That means that people who want to share useful tips to prevent user errors have been prevented from doing so. learn more