big ideas

Exploring the CRISPR market opportunity. 

ARK Invest summarizes how various companies are working to apply the technology across different applications. This is a great shapshot of the investment opportunities in CRISPR right now. | learn more

thoughts of food

The ugly truth of ugly produce. 

Phat Beets Produce puts the startup Imperfect Produce “on blast” for their business model. Basically, the author claims that the food wasn’t going un-eaten before their existence, so the business basically reduces supply for food banks. | learn more

thoughts of food

Former Naf Naf execs look to repeat their success. 

I love this! Any readers know these guy personally? “Two of the chain’s former execs look to grow a local barbecue chain and start a chain of authentic taquerias, looking to be the ‘Lettuce Entertain You of fast-casual restaurants.’” | learn more

better doing

5 mental models for parenting. 

From the mind of Farnam Street’s Shane Parrish: “No topic provokes more unsolicited advice than parenting. The problem is, no matter how good the advice, it might not work for your child or your particular situation. Here are 5 principle-based […]

on the blockchain

ETH report 2018.

“We’ve interviewed 100+ developers to showcase the biggest opportunities in the Ethereum ecosystem” | learn more

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Path dependence and AI. 

Rob May of Talla questions the impact of path-dependence in machine learning models. Humans definitely approach ideas differently depending on what they learned before – should machines? | learn more

tech, startups, internet

Automating industry with cobots. 

“Robots in factories have historically been unwieldy, dangerous, and confined to large industrial settings. But now, smaller, cheaper collaborative robots are overcoming traditional challenges in the robotics industry, paving the way for ubiquitous robot technology that gets us much closer […]