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Synthetic biology opens door to bioterror dangers. 

In other scary news, “A committee of experts examined about a dozen different synthetic biology technologies that could be potentially misused. For each, they considered how likely it was to be usable as a weapon.” | learn more

under the microscope

Study verifies accuracy of autism blood test. 

“Last year an impressive study suggested a reliable set of blood biomarkers has been isolated that could successfully diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorder in children. Now a follow-up study has verified those results pointing towards further clinical trials and potentially a […]

retail therapy

Sales tax is coming to the internet. 

This week, the Supreme Court overturned the Quill vs North Dakota decision from 1992 that’s kept sales tax from reaching all online transactions. I think it’s good that the interstate commerce loophole is going away, but managing the complexity of […]

on the blockchain

A crypto money market. 

Josh Nussbaum, partner at VC firm Compound, writes about the “other” Compound (which they invested in) that’s creating money markets for cryptocurrency. | learn more

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The scooter platform play. 

Andrew Chen, investor at a16z, explains why he thinks scooter startups are important and strategic to the future of transportation. I, for one, can’t wait for some bold company to bring these to Chicago so I can try! | learn more