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Thermal comfort. 

49 weeks into this newsletter and I finally get to write about air conditioning! 99% Invisible tells a wonderful story here, complete with pictures, videos, and historical context. I read the article, though a podcast version is also available. | learn more

on the blockchain

The fate of crypto hedge funds. 

It seems there’s a proliferation of crypto-focused hedge funds these days. Dave Balter (first time I’ve encountered his writing) makes some predictions for these funds in 2018. | learn more

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The next 3 billion in financial services. 

Angela Strange, another a16z partner, takes us by the hand through the financial services that cater to low-income U.S. populations and unbanked global citizens. She “shares what’s happening and why; how we might address the problem; and where this creates […]

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The bio side of tech. 

Vijay Pande led a16z’s investment in health-tech company BioAge, and uses this post to explain the rationale. They have the ambitious goal of identifying biomarkers for aging in youthful blood. Vijay makes it easy for non-scientists to understand the meaning […]

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Smart homes and vegetable peelers. 

Benedict Evans addresses a few questions here, but I consider the most interesting to be the scale problem of voice as a platform. How do you even know what you can and can’t ask Alexa? “The ideal number of skills […]

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Alderman Ed Burke. 

The Tribune’s headline says it all: “Someone please explain ‘conflict of interest’ to Ald. Ed Burke” | learn more

fun facts

Female librarians on horseback delivering books. 

“In the 1930s, many people living in isolated communities had very little access to jobs, let alone a good education for their children. In Kentucky, they had isolated mountain communities which could only get their books and reading material from […]