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How Amazon’s startup fund bets on Alexa. 

“Enter the Alexa Fund. Born with a $100 million investment from Amazon in 2015, the year after the debut of the Echo, the fund is part of the company’s effort to identify more Alexa-showcasing companies and products around the world.” |learn […]

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DIY gunshot treatments. 

This is great and really sad at the same time. “Ujimaa Medics is helping local kids save lives by training them to treat gunshot wounds at the scene of a shooting.” | learn more

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Diamonds and gold rain over Russia. 

A Russian plane’s door broke, littering the runway and surrounding areas with diamonds and gold. People were told to stay out of the area. Instead, they went treasure hunting! | learn more

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60+ synthetic biology startups. 

CB Insights offers a nice digest of many private companies applying engineering principals to biology, often by manipulating DNA. I think this field of science is truly transformational for the world. | learn more