big ideas

Construction firm Katerra & big money from Softbank. 

Vertically integrated construction has been tried before, but hasn’t really worked in a meaningful way. Why is this a big deal? Because construction is a terribly inefficient industry that affects all of us who don’t live in a cave. Katerra […]

big ideas

Does aging have a reset button? 

“[Stem cells] can reprogram themselves to carry out the function of virtually any other type of cell, and play a vital role in early development. This functional reprogramming is usually accompanied by an age reset, down to zero. Sebastiano figures […]

better doing

Study seeks to find root of unhappiness. 

“In a new analysis of 1 million U.S. teens, my co-authors and I looked at how teens were spending their free time and which activities correlated with happiness, and which didn’t.” | learn more

better doing

Making decisions in an uncertain world. 

We silly humans (aka slightly evolved apes) do not intuitively use expected value thinking, but it’s the best way to make decisions. So, we must train ourselves. This great Farnam Street post goes into details. | learn more

retail therapy

Amazon Go and the future. 

Ben Thompson of Stratechery offers his analysis of the business model behind Amazon Go. Amazon is moving variable costs to fixed costs. “The best way to build a moat, though, is to actually put in the effort to dig it, […]

on the blockchain

The state of the token market. 

A joint report by Fabric Ventures & TokenData (both groups are new to me). The report is quite interesting, summing up where the industry stands as we start 2018. | learn more

on the blockchain

An overview of stablecoins. 

Stablecoins are tokens with values that do not fluctuate wildly, unlike most cryptos today (ahem, bitcoin). Multicoin capital overviews the landscape of stablecoins and the different approaches to creating them. They’re on a roll of putting out some great writing! | learn […]