Power prices go negative in Germany. 

After decades of investment into renewable energy sources like wind and solar, the energy produced is having unexpected consequences. Energy prices are actually going negative at times because at times there’s more supply than demand. The missing link in grids seems to be battery storage capacity. learn more

Why calendars are more effective than to do lists. 

This is a great article that explains something that I learned first-hand a few years back. I found myself transferring to-do items to my calendar regularly to plan my time. Eventually, I skipped the to-do list altogether. The calendar has helped me form better habits. As an example, I had always had trouble forming an exercise habit until I added workouts to my calendar. learn more

Growth without goals. 

This is a provocative look at goals and their potential dark side. Goals that haven’t been achieved yet may end up becoming “failures” if viewed with the wrong frame of reference. The author has turned to habits for right-now in place of goals for the future. learn more