big ideas

AI pioneer says we need to start over. 

Geoffrey Hinton, pioneer of the back-propagation method of training computers, “says his breakthrough method should be dispensed with, and a new path to AI found.” | learn more

big ideas

The brain-machine interface now exists. 

You may recall Elon Musk’s new venture to create a BMI that’s directly connected to your brain. The team at CNTRL-Labs thinks that’s a bit more than the market will bare, so instead they’ve figured out how to read your […]

thoughts of food

The latest chapter in the Plenty story. 

I’ve written about vertical farm startup Plenty before, and now that they’ve raised an additional $200MM from SoftBank, it’s time for another look at their progress and vision. Reminder: “All told, Plenty says, its technology can yield as much as […]

fun facts

Latin abbreviations, etc. 

After being schooled recently by Dennis Z for misusing the “et al.” abbreviation, I decided some research was in order. Do you need a refresher? | learn more

retail therapy

Nordstrom tries a store without merchandise. 

“Nordstrom Local … will span 3,000 square feet, far less than the 140,000 square feet of one of Nordstrom’s standard department stores. It will contain eight dressing rooms, where shoppers can try on clothes and accessories, though the store won’t stock […]

retail therapy

How Toys ‘R’ Us collapsed so quickly. 

“Within a week, almost 40 percent of the vendors were refusing to ship toys and other products without immediate cash payment and in some cases, payment of all outstanding obligations. The vendors faced pressure at their end, too, as their […]