book recommendations

The Rational Optimist: How Prosperity Evolves

I don’t recall where, but somewhere I heard good things about Matt Ridley’s books. This one didn’t disappoint. He calls himself a Rational Optimist – meaning he’s optimistic about the future of humans and the prospect for our prosperity. There […]

big ideas

The next billion mobile users won’t be typing. 

The WSJ explores the poor and less-literate users that will make up the next consumers of the internet. The safe prediction is that they’ll be using video and voice to interact with devices, rather than reading and typing. Note: the WSJ […]

thoughts of food

The case for lab-grown meat. 

This is one of the food technologies that I’m really excited about over the long term (decades from now). If lab-grown meat can economically replace the livestock industry, it’ll be a game changer. | learn more

better doing

Learning from the Feynman technique. 

Richard Feynman was a Nobel Prize winning physicist. One of his claims to fame was his ability to teach very difficult subject matter. “The Feynman technique for teaching and communication is a mental model (a breakdown of his personal thought […]