A story about A/B testing. 

Duolingo VP of Growth Gina Gotthilf discusses some of her favorite testing success stories and the ethos behind testing. I really appreciate her article in particular because she makes it clear that if you don’t have enough traffic (or users in Duolingo’s case), you can’t A/B test successfully because you won’t reach statistical significance. learn more

The art of delegating. 

Do you manage a team? Management is one of the hardest skills to learn because it’s like nothing else, and it’s rarely taught in any way that’s actionable. Delegation is one of the keys to successful management, and this article goes into so much detail about why/when/how to delegate that it’s quickly become one of my favorites.learn more

Why older people have different sleep schedules. 

“Out of more than 220 total hours of sleep observation, researchers found only 18 minutes when all adults were sound asleep simultaneously. Typically, older participants in their 50s and 60s went to bed earlier and woke up earlier than those in their 20s and 30s. On average, more than a third of the group was alert, or lightly dozing, at any given time.” learn more

Imagine a battery-free cell phone. 

Engineers at the University of Washington have figured out how to create a phone that’s powered by radio waves. It works for calls and text messages. This could be used for cheap standalone devices in economically depressed areas, or as a back-up for emergency calls when your iPhone battery is dead. learn more