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Your team should get better at saying no. 

“Every company is in a value race. Not only do you have to create value for your customers, but you also have to do it before someone else does. Doing so requires the ability to say ‘yes’ to truly great […]

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Yann LeCun runs AI research at Facebook. 

“After years of criticism and marginalization, LeCun finally has it all: 80 researchers, the backing of Facebook’s vast financial resources, and mainstream faith in his work. All he has to do now is deliver.” | learn more

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Should micro-VCs invest differently? 

Chicago-based investor Victor Gutwein (M25 Group) sets out to explain why he thinks the later-stage VC model doesn’t fit for smaller, earlier investors. This is the first of a multi-part series that’s worth following. | learn more

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What’s a real business anyway? 

Venture investor Bryce Roberts takes an opportunity to clarify differences between lifestyle businesses, venture businesses, and what he calls real businesses. I think the distinctions get confused a lot nowadays, so it’s nice to see someone spell them out. |learn more